Hey Kids! I see that you want to be free! 

Do you ever wish you had ways to feel better when you’re upset? sad? angry? having trouble with your family, friends, teachers?

This is the place where you can learn ways to feel better when you’re upset and deal with difficult emotions You will feel stronger, happier

Learn ways to express yourself so you feel heard and seen

Feel safe and loved

Create great friendships

Start with thyself and to thyself be true…

After 13+ years of offering energy healing sessions I have been guided and feel very excited to focus on the healing revolution of KIDS! This is my passion. This is my purpose. As an “adult” with a strong honoring of my inner kid, I know what it feels like to feel trapped and controlled by adults and the outside world.

I got myself free.

It is now my turn to offer that to you…

I am on a purposeful mission to offer energy healing to


seeking emotional, physical and spiritual freedom and empowerment…

I am doing things my way to be able to supporting you doing things your way!





“As you believe and think, so shall your life be…”                 – Julie Fink

 Allow me to Introduce Myself
  • I am Julie. Jules. Peace Pirate Jules. A kid at heart who desires all kids to know freedom for themselves.
    • I am passionate about supplying a platform to support kids to use their ideas, voices and actions for self empowerment and to feel confident bringing their gifts into the world for positive change
    • I believe the first step to self freedom and empowerment is to tend to you health and wellness first.
    • I believe ALL IS ENERGY. A healthy and free flowing energy system allows health and wellness.
  • I believe the first step to self freedom and empowerment is to tend to you health and wellness first.
  • My mission is to gather kids and offer energy healing and clearing first and then teach and support a natural opening of their natural gifts, strong sense of self and momentum to move forward with a force of purpose and power as it was meant to be.

What To Expect

  • I offer one on one, group and workshops addressing energy blocks that prevent kids from growing up with a strong, positive sense of who they are, what they are capable of and the truth that they are here to be a unique individual with important contributions to make in the world.
  • With the use of energy healing techniques and my natural gifts, I will support kids journey to removing blocked and unbalanced energy that manifests in the form of “symptoms”, such as negative emotions, anxiety, trouble sleeping, physical pain, thus empowering kids to now have the ability to take positive responsibility for themselves, their actions and life choices.
  • I offer books and programs in alignment with this belief that by addressing the energy of our mind, our body, our life story and all the experiences we have had, we become free from limits that cause us pain, suffering and the incorrect belief that we are less than and do not deserve to have our voice in this world.

My Vision

  • For all kids and adults alike to live with a clear and compassionate belief in themselves. To live with a clear sense of freedom and responsibility of who yo are are and how you want to contribute to the world around you.

Join me, won’t you?

 Voice and create positive change for animals and the environment AND educate, inspire and empower others, especially kids, to do the same!

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  • Feel calmer, happier, healthier
  • Know and your true self and live the genuine life you desire
  • Freedom from limiting fears, beliefs and thoughts
  • Change undesired habits, addictions and behaviors
  • Transform traumatic memories into learning and growth events without all the emotional upset
  • Feel peace in your mind and heart
  • Feel more confident

Answer this question, “What do you want”, take a look at your life and see where the two do not meet. Then you can begin to become aware of what is not working for you and what you might want to change.  You can now create the life of your dreams. It is possible. This becomes possible by removing the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that you have stored in our energetic memory and belief system. By shifting and releasing this blocked energy, you can change things.

All you need is an awareness that something within you is seeking change and your decision to take the journey.

Why choose me for your journey to energetic freedom?

I have, and continue to use, the techniques I offer for my own personal transformation and life journey and those of clients. I know they work. Our past can teach us many valuable lessons. However, we are not intended to stay stuck there. It’s time to move forward.

I am passionate about what I offer others

because I have been there myself!

I discovered energy healing techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) worked for me to release the fears and doubts that were creating inaccurate beliefs about me! I am thankful to be able to share some of my story with you and what worked for me. (Read more about my story here)  I am living proof that you can create the life you truly desire. I am living proof that you can experience confidence and acceptance in being your true self. What I have learned and experienced on my journey thus far helps me to be a compassionate supporter of your transformative energy journey!

I feel blessed to be able to offer ways for people to get out of their fear zone and be free to live the life they truly desire.

“Where there is good flow, there is health and when energy flow is reduced, illness appears”. -Basic tenants of Taoist Medicine





I am a natural intuitive healer and a Master EFT practitioner. I offer transformational energy healing sessions, classes and programs utilizing my natural intuition, guidance and personally created methods, as well as learned techniques, including Energy EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki. My approach is intuitive, holistic and respectful.

I believe that within each of us lies our own power to heal. We are all faced with challenges, pain and upset in our lives. It is the nature of the human journey. Change is possible! -Julie Fink

Your life challenges can create imbalance within your energy systems, leaving you feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually drained, upset, stuck, fearful, defeated and powerless in your life. Working with me in an environment of support, respect and intuition for your personal healing and empowerment, you can get clear out old energy blocks and begin to feel good again. We will work together to uncover the truth of your beliefs and fears and release those that no longer serve you. We will work together to allow you to finally embrace and love your true self and create the life you always desired.

Who can benefit from a session with me?

I work with people, kids and adults, (animals too!) who are ready to finally be free of the fears and blocks getting in their way of living with authenticity and creating the life of their heart’s desires!

The journey begins by uncovering the inaccuracies you are believing about yourself that are preventing you from living a life you truly desire. Then you can begin to realize the unique person that has been in hiding just waiting to be set free!

Take a deep breath, relax for a moment
and believe it is possible!

Ready for the journey? You can do it!

Ready to feel better?
Ready to let go?
Ready to move forward?

Take the first step to personal health, balance and freedom.. It’s possible.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” –John Pierpoint Morgan

The wheels are set in motion to get you moving into a life you love! Your decision.

My support and guidance. Life changing transformation.

You will have support and guidance all along the journey.

You found yourself here for a reason…


Now is the time to begin the journey of powerful transformation!

Contact Julie Fink today to learn more about the healing energy benefits of

Emotional Freedom Technique and Energetic Transformation.