All of life is composed of energy. Energy flows through everything. Energy is everywhere and in everything. We are all energy beings.


Energy is the life force. Energy is a vibration found in different forms and frequencies. Energy takes on different forms and movements.  We, as humans, are made of energy.  When our energy is flowing in a balanced and free fashion, we usually experience health, wellness and what you might call happiness.  When our energy system has blocks, disruptions or imbalances, we can become physically ill, emotionally upset, addicted to things that may not be good for us, stuck in ruts, disturbed by memories, displaying behaviors that are undesirable, troublesome, embarrassing, frustrating, etc.  These blocks and disruptions occur for many reasons, including fear, insecurity, confusion, misunderstanding, etc.

Remember, each day is a new day.  Because we are energy beings living in a dynamic world, our systems are exposed to challenges all the time.  We all experience energy coming in to our systems and energy leaving.  When our energy is free flowing and balanced, we will most likely experience health and wellness.  Think about it as simply as a very angry peson walking into the room you are in and you “feel” it!  You are experiencing their energy in a certain vibration (not pleasant in this instance!) affecting your energy system.  You may end up feeling angry or upset if this energy enters your energy system.  The more aware of others energy and the more balanced and strong your energy system is, the less you will be affected by what is happening outside of you in an undesired manner and the better you will feel.  Keeping your energy system clear of blocks and disruptions can allow you to feel healthier, stronger and better about your life.

800_500It is beneficial to tend to our health and wellness on a regular basis.  This is an ongoing process of choice and perspective for all of us.  Learning to notice what may be a challenge or problem for you on any given day will become the beginning of healing.  There are many systems and therapies available for healing.  No one system or way of experiencing healing will be appropriate or beneficial for everyone.  I have found energy healing techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to be one of the best, if not the best, to remove the energetic blocks you may have that are interfering with your living a healthy life of your dreams!